Dandelion Pesto

I meant to make a lot of recipes with dandelions back in April and May, when they were actually flowering, but being the disorganised soul that I am, I got round to doing it today (5th June 2016)

So that wasn’t quite as cringe as I expected it to be…though I clearly need to work on my camera and lighting skillz.

I did forget to mention how much of each ingredient I included though, and while a lot of it was guesswork, I did weigh the dandelion leaves, so here’s roughly what went in:

150g dandelion leaves

50g Italian Hard Cheese

50g pine nuts (toasted)

2 garlic cloves 

A few good sloshes of olive oil 

A scattering of salt 

A grind or two of pepper 

I had it with some pasta and a bit more cheese, and while it was definitely more tangy than basil pesto, once it was mixed with some hot pasta, this wasn’t a bad thing. Plus it tasted a hell of a lot nicer than the stuff you get out of a jar, so if your lawn is as overgrown as mine, give it a go.

Oh, and while I did need to pee afterwards, it wasn’t an emergency situation! So all’s well that ends well!

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